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White Paper | Presented by Configit

True digital transformation requires breaking down silos

Break down the functional barriers of CRM, PLM and ERP to deliver real-time, reliable product configuration data and enable true digital transformation in manufacturing.

Business Security Made Simple/ Benefits of Cloud Based Surveillance and access control

Today’s physical security solutions live in the cloud and they bring all the typical benefits associated with any digital transformation– centralized management, scalable solutions, access to tools that require powerful processing, and reduction in costs.

Cloudvue Overview Webinar

In this 20-minute webinar, you will learn how Cloudvue will help streamline surveillance and security operations, scale coverage, and speed up response times with intelligent alerts, video sharing tools, and intuitive dashboards.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Pondurance

Making the Case for Managed Detection and Response

Threat actors jumped into action during the pandemic seizing new opportunities created by remote work. With the increase in threats, constrained budgets, and a limited pool of security talent, Security and IT leaders are looking for alternatives.

Rome Georgia Video Case Study

Watch this video to learn how this smart city uses Cloudvue to increase security and workflow. 

Security Analytics Explained Infographic

Visual data, video analytics and intelligent alerts can streamline security and improve operational efficiency.

The functional CIO: Play to your strengths to advance your business goals

Considering the experiences of 2020, many of the characteristics honed by functional CIOs were essential to business survival, ensuring the smooth operation of IT systems so the business could rapidly pivot in the midst of global economic changes.

The strategic CIO: The need for business and personal innovation

The vast changes to the economic and social landscape over the past year have heavily impacted how CIOs approach their roles.

The transformational CIO’s role in data and innovation

This white paper outlines the common characteristics of transformational CIOs and then explores how transformational CIOs can use their expertise to improve business outcomes for their organizations over the coming years.

Understanding the Benefits of Cloud Access Control

Learn why thousands of the world’s leading business are leveraging cloud technology to streamline access control and security operations.

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