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Attention, CIOs: Do You Know Where Your Data Scientists Are?

Learn how to turn data science IT challenges into wins

Kubernetes: The IT Standard for Data Science Workloads

Kubernetes is becoming a platform infrastructure layer for the cloud

Top 10 Questions IT Leaders Should Ask of Data Science Platforms

Get on board with the next big thing: 10 questions to ask about data science platforms

What IT Leaders Need to Know About Data Science

Learn why Data Science cannot be treated like Engineering

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Instacluster: Elasticsearch Use Cases

Elasticsearch is an open-source, distributed search, and analytics engine built on Apache Lucene.

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The Five Biggest Challenges of Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is Java-based and built on top of the Apache Lucene project, leveraging the Lucene Standard Analyzer to perform indexing, automatic-type guessing, and high-precision searches.

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The Growing Appeal of Managed Services for Open Source Technologies

Join Stephen O’Grady, Principal Analyst with RedMonk and Ben Bromhead, CTO at Instaclustr, for a discussion of the trends behind this change in market direction and how Instaclustr is helping customers put the focus back on their business.

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Anatomy of a Breach

Security threats are relentless. A cyberattack can cause millions of dollars in damage—to both your company’s bottom line and its reputation. Are you aware of the potential threats to your company? Do you have a plan in place to resist, mitigate, and recover after a breach?

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Beyond GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is just one example of new compliance requirements in the digital age, but the regulatory landscape only continues to change. Globalization, increasing business complexity, and waves of new or revised laws and standards combine to make regulatory compliance a moving target.

White Paper | Presented by Microsoft

Firstline Employee Engagement

In a successful digital transformation, every employee must be completely on board, from executives to Firstline Workers, i.e., those workers who interact with customers, build and test products, or ensure operations run smoothly.

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