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2021 Modern Backup Buyers' Guide

Checklist for your Cloud Data Management project. This Forrester guide provides directions into what capabilities to look for and offers questions that IT decision makers should ask themselves and their team as they evaluate their company’s specific data needs

Demo Video: Protect Your Data

In 2020, ransomware attacks grew by 700% alone. However, with modernized protection, 96% of organizations that were affected by ransomware cut their average recovery costs down to $5,000, with 76% of companies not paying anything at all. How? Let’s look at an example of how easy it is to protect your data with Veeam.  

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Beyond “Workplace”: Thriving in a Boundless World with a Distributed Workforce

The future of work came early. We knew that more mobile work models were on the horizon, but that reality came sooner than anyone expected. Now, businesses everywhere need cloud-based tools that support and secure hybrid workforces, with employees and IT scattered across locations.

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Challenge The Rules Of Security Transform The Threat Surface To Proactive Control

It’s time to rethink security and explore the inherent advantages of cloud computing.

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Chrome OS brings you Demo Day

Chrome OS launched a suite of features to help IT deploy and manage hybrid workforces and accelerate a move to the cloud.

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Google Chrome OS: Accelerating Device Lifecycle Management

This report documents Enterprise Strategy Group’s (ESG) hands-on testing of Google Chrome OS and Windows laptops with the goal of quantifying the speed of deployment and device lifecycle management benefits that can be achieved with Chrome Enterprise.

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Hybrid Work Toolkit: Set up Chrome OS Devices for Hybrid Work

As we continue to traverse the modern work landscape, you may be thinking about ways to support a hybrid model, with some of your employees in office, some remote, and some moving between settings. The transition may seem daunting, but the right tools will make it all possible.

eGuide | Presented by Google

Protecting data and simplifying IT management with Chrome OS

It’s time to rethink security and explore the inherent advantages of cloud computing.

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The Leader's Tech Guide to Hybrid Work: Pro Tips to Help Your People and Business Succeed

Around the globe, businesses have embraced more hybrid ways of working, with employees scattered across offices and remote locations. What IT and end users need now is tech that keeps them connected, secure, and productive, no matter where they work.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Splunk

The State of Observability 2021

Global research reveals IT leaders’ early investments in observability improve performance, customer experiences – and the bottom line.

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