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White Paper | Presented by Tanium Inc

Isolated Castles: Incident Response in the New Work From Home Economy

This paper discusses the challenges for incident handlers to respond to breaches in the new work-from-home economy and what tactics, techniques, and tools can be used to respond to incidents, including those affecting workloads in the cloud. Download to learn more.

White Paper | Presented by Tanium Inc

Tanium Insights: It's Time to Ditch the VPN for Zero Trust

In this white paper, we examine what kick-started the zero-trust movement, why it’s completely changed the conversation around network security, how Tanium and its partners’ capabilities contribute to a zero-trust solution. We also cover what you need to know about adopting zero trust in your organization. Hint: You don’t get up one morning and decide to adopt zero trust.

Driving Customer-centricity with Purpose-built AI Solutions for CX: How and Why Your Data Needs to Start Working for You

Customer experience is the key brand differentiator that drives customer loyalty – so why risk delivering anything less than extraordinary experiences?

Driving Business with Machine Learning and Human Insight

Predictive analytics is a key milestone on the analytics journey.

Delivering the Digital Workplace: Engage your Workforce & Deliver an Outstanding Customer Experience

In Delivering the Digital Workplace, we look beyond the technology to explore the human aspect of the digital workplace.

Keep Pandemic-Era Customers Coming Back with These Strategies

Walmart’s online sales jumped 74% as millions switched to ordering online at the start of the pandemic. The challenge? How do ecommerce businesses retain these new customers once brick-and-mortar stores open up their doors again? Read “Retaining Ecommerce Customers after the Pandemic” to learn how.

Pandemic-Era Shoppers Leaving Your Site? Keep Em Coming Back

It costs 5 times as much to get a new customer than retain a current one. How can ecommerce businesses retain newfound customers who flocked online during the pandemic? We outline an entire strategy to segment, score and analyze behavior so you can retain all your new customers post pandemic.

Business Security Made Simple/ Benefits of Cloud Based Surveillance and access control

Today’s physical security solutions live in the cloud and they bring all the typical benefits associated with any digital transformation– centralized management, scalable solutions, access to tools that require powerful processing, and reduction in costs.

Cloudvue Overview Webinar

In this 20-minute webinar, you will learn how Cloudvue will help streamline surveillance and security operations, scale coverage, and speed up response times with intelligent alerts, video sharing tools, and intuitive dashboards.

Rome Georgia Video Case Study

Watch this video to learn how this smart city uses Cloudvue to increase security and workflow. 

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