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eBook | Presented by Palo Alto Networks

From the Node Up: The Complete Guide to Kubernetes Security

This eBook explains how to design a security strategy that reinforces, rather than hinders, the rest of an enterprise’s Kubernetes-based processes.

eBook | Presented by OutSystems

Digitally Future Proof Your Entire Company

Learn how to digitally future proof your entire company and deliver business-relevant technologies rapidly, successively and at scale.

eBook | Presented by Softchoice

Accelerating Cloud Transformation – How to make a smarter move to the cloud

Our E-Book, Accelerating Cloud Transformation – How to Make a Smarter Move to The Cloud, explains how the Azure Accelerator service from Softchoice helps organizations make the shift to the cloud with reduced risk and expert mentorship every step of the way.

eBook | Presented by Softchoice

Demystifying and Deploying DevOps in Your Organization

Download the ebook now to learn how organizations adopt DevOps to build software more quickly without compromising quality.

eBook | Presented by Softchoice

Ebook: The Value of DevOps in Azure

In this E-Book, Discover the value of DevOps in Azure we explore the benefits in more detail and discuss how adopting to DevOps on Azure will maximize the value of your cloud investment.

eBook | Presented by Softchoice

Extend Your VMware Environment Into Azure with AVS

Migrating to Azure with the Azure VMware Solution

eBook | Presented by Viavi Solutions

How to Solve 6 of the Biggest IT Challenges in 2021

In the case of security, reducing dwell time is critical — with the risk of intellectual property loss, regulatory fines, and compliance audits, every second that a breach is left uncontained is money lost for the business.

eBook | Presented by Cloudreach

2021 Cloud Trends

Whether by design or duress, organizations have had to adapt to a new way of doing business in the past 12 months. Read on to learn why digital transformation is more important than ever in meeting the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

eBook | Presented by Nvidia

AI: 5 Steps to Get Started

We’ve compiled the top steps and resources needed to have a successful AI implementation. Follow these five steps and get started on your AI journey today.

eBook | Presented by Nvidia

Getting Started With AI Software

Download this free e-book to learn about the developer tools and optimized algorithms your teams can use to expedite workflows and turn data into insights faster than ever.

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