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White Paper | Presented by Critical Start

Alert Overload Still Plagues Cybersecurity Industry

It’s back! For the third year in a row, we have surveyed SOC professionals from across the industry to learn more about the issues and challenges facing the cybersecurity community and its workers.

White Paper | Presented by Critical Start

Financial Consequences of Risk Acceptance Security Strategies

Managing risk has become an exercise in trade-offs and risk acceptance.

White Paper | Presented by Tanium Inc

Isolated Castles: Incident Response in the New Work From Home Economy

This paper discusses the challenges for incident handlers to respond to breaches in the new work-from-home economy and what tactics, techniques, and tools can be used to respond to incidents, including those affecting workloads in the cloud. Download to learn more.

White Paper | Presented by Tanium Inc

Ultimate Guide to Achieving Resilience in Your Distributed Workforce

Download this white paper to learn how organizations in the most demanding and complex environments are leveraging Tanium to build resilience, maintain business continuity, and manage their long-term risk for today, tomorrow and the new normal.

White Paper | Presented by AWS

Improve business operations with AWS cloud storage

Explore the new IDC whitepaper sponsored by AWS to learn how these readily accessible services allow organizations the agility to differentiate and capitalize on new features as they mature through their cloud journeys.

White Paper | Presented by AWS

Redefining AI Leadership in the C-Suite

This MIT Sloan Management Review Executive Guide is designed to help decision makers at every stage of the machine learning journey confront and resolve their adoption challenges in order to accelerate innovation.

White Paper | Presented by SelectHub

Data Analytics Tools Features & Pricing--Cloud vs. On-Premise

Learn about the features and capabilities included in the most popular data analytics tools for both cloud and on-premise implementations. Compare the costs and limitations of the top 10 picks to find the right solution for your needs.

White Paper | Presented by Tanium Inc

Tanium Insights: It's Time to Ditch the VPN for Zero Trust

In this white paper, we examine what kick-started the zero-trust movement, why it’s completely changed the conversation around network security, how Tanium and its partners’ capabilities contribute to a zero-trust solution. We also cover what you need to know about adopting zero trust in your organization. Hint: You don’t get up one morning and decide to adopt zero trust.

Driving Customer-centricity with Purpose-built AI Solutions for CX: How and Why Your Data Needs to Start Working for You

Customer experience is the key brand differentiator that drives customer loyalty – so why risk delivering anything less than extraordinary experiences?

White Paper | Presented by Workday

Building Organizational Agility

CIO and Workday teamed up to present on Building Organizational Agility. Three sessions are available on-demand including new research on the “next economy” from, a groundbreaking 2021 Tech Trends lecture from Deloitte, and a thought-provoking whiteboard session from Workday’s Global CTO.

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