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Video/Webcast | Presented by Instaclustr

Instacluster: Elasticsearch Use Cases

Elasticsearch is an open-source, distributed search, and analytics engine built on Apache Lucene.

White Paper | Presented by Instaclustr

Managed Solutions Apache Cassandra

Apache Cassandra® is the database of choice for applications requiring the highest levels of reliability, scalability, and performance.

White Paper | Presented by Instaclustr

Managed Solutions Apache Kafka®

Apache Kafka® is a leading streaming and queuing technology for largescale, always-on applications. It comes with built-in features of horizontal scalability, high-throughput, and low-latency.

White Paper | Presented by Instaclustr

Ten Rules For Managing Kafka

Much like its namesake, Apache Kafka® can be an inscrutable beast for the uninitiated. If you dive in and just try to “wing it,” you are likely to make mistakes. Kafka is not difficult to use but it is tricky to optimize.

White Paper | Presented by Instaclustr

The Advantages of Speed and In-Memory Databases

This white paper first analyzes the business value derived from low latency applications, it then examines some architectural patterns for in-memory databases, and finally looks at the leading in-memory database and our recommendations.

White Paper | Presented by Instaclustr

The Five Biggest Challenges of Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is Java-based and built on top of the Apache Lucene project, leveraging the Lucene Standard Analyzer to perform indexing, automatic-type guessing, and high-precision searches.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Instaclustr

The Growing Appeal of Managed Services for Open Source Technologies

Join Stephen O’Grady, Principal Analyst with RedMonk and Ben Bromhead, CTO at Instaclustr, for a discussion of the trends behind this change in market direction and how Instaclustr is helping customers put the focus back on their business.