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Get Your Cloud & Hybrid Migration Strategy Right in Government

To make your cloud migration journey successful in government, register for your complimentary copy of the e-book "Get Your Cloud & Hybrid Migration Strategy Right in Government."

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How to Uplevel Your Defenses with Security Analytics

Find out what you (and your SIEM) are missing and how to harden your defenses.

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Top 50 Security Threats

Like you, cybercriminals are on their own digital transformation journey.

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Transforming for the Future: How Industry Leaders Harness the Power of Cloud

As digital transformation becomes increasingly essential, organizations across industries and regions are shifting to a cloud- first strategy to enable new business operating models, become more agile and fuel success today and tomorrow.

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A Brief Guide to a Secure Multicloud Environment

As more organizations are shifting infrastructure and services to the cloud, more are adopting a multicloud strategy.

White Paper | Presented by Splunk

A Guide to Protecting Against Supply Chain Attacks

The severity of supply chain attacks cannot be overstated. A single attack gives hackers access to the sensitive data of many organizations, across many industries, and the recent spate of these attacks, like the SolarWinds attacks, suggests this method is now the state actors’ attack du jour.

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How to Manage a Hybrid and Multicloud Environment

Multicloud environments are on the rise as enterprises look to numerous cloud providers to lift-and-shift or build cloud-native applications fast in efforts to meet different technical and business requirements.

White Paper | Presented by Splunk

Monitoring Basic Security Posture

Most cybersecurity tools are designed to help identify and alert on a particular type of malicious activity. But usually the burden lies with the organization to figure out whether the alert is meaningful in a broader context.

White Paper | Presented by Splunk

Ransomware, Malware and Cyberthreats

Ransomware — a type of malicious software — continues to be used against organizations, rendering critical systems or files inaccessible.

eBook | Presented by Splunk

The Essential Guide to Security Data

This e-book showcases how three organization are leveraging machine data to protect themselves against the latest cyberthreats.

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