Know Your Cloud Footprint with Expanse

As more organizations adopt the cloud in a variety of different forms, risk of uncontrolled spending and security exposures increases astronomically.  Issues like shadow IT and orphaned cloud services are new and unique, making it challenging for IT and security professionals to address without proven technology and processes. Existing IT management tools have not evolved sufficiently to provide even the most fundamental component, a system of record of an organization's cloud assets.
Expanse solves this fundamental problem within Internet Operations Management by providing an automatically updated inventory of all public cloud assets, enabling monitoring, remediation and governance of an organization's hybrid digital infrastructure. Organizations can now operationalize remediation procedures effectively by leveraging Expanse's best practices or infusing their own security posture.

Register for this webinar to join Haley Sayres, Senior Product Manager, Expanse, and learn how:

•    Expanse provides a system of record for all of your cloud assets, even those that you didn't know about;
•    Expanse continuously monitors and automatically updates your inventory as cloud assets appear and disappear;
•    Expanse enriches the system of record with intelligence about your security posture in order to prioritize alerts, determine exposure criticality, and operationalize remediation procedures.