Best Practices for Deploying a Remote Workforce

Brought to you by Logicalis and Cisco

The alarming news about a pandemic has forced many organizations to adopt solutions for remote workers and services. While this pandemic will pass, in time, other disruptive events—another pandemic, natural disaster, human-caused event, social unrest, and more—will arise, requiring a new thought process around remote work as part of business continuity. How can businesses determine the best options for cloud-based collaboration solutions, and be aware of the security risks involved?
In any crisis, trust Logicalis to help you minimize business impact and keep employees safe and productive, while supporting your goal to return to normal business operations as quickly as possible. Logicalis can help your organization develop a remote work strategy that can be implemented now as part of a business continuity plan—or as part of normal business operations—that includes secure communication and collaboration among and between remote workers.