Extend Your VMware Environment Into Azure with AVS

Migrating to Azure with the Azure VMware Solution

The Azure VMware Solution (AVS) streamlines the migration and extension of VMware workloads into Azure, simplifying the overall management of hybrid environments and helping eliminate silos.

AVS is Microsoft-operated, VMware-certified and built on dedicated Azure hardware, which it uses to natively run vSphere, vSAN and NSX-T. The VMware HCX application mobility platform is predeployed in AVS, too. This architecture, connected to global Azure infrastructure, support:

  • Preservation of VMware investments: Management tools including vSphere Client and VMware PowerCLI can be used while moving workloads to Azure via HCX, for smooth business continuity. Teams don’t lose time refactoring applications or learning all-new skills, and can instead utilize AVS’ on-demand resources.
  • Bulk workload migration: Moving multiple workloads is easy, via HCX site pairing and Replication Assisted vMotion for parallel, scalable and zero-downtime migrations, using a secure traffic proxy. AVS supports migrations and upgrades between any versions of vSphere.
  • Cloud-native services: Azure enhances migrated VMware workloads through its extensive service ecosystem, including those mentioned earlier. Moreover, ExpressRoute is available for low-latency connectivity, native management for improved security and governance and multiple IoT and AI solutions for innovation.

Download the ebook now to learn why your organization should select Azure as a hybrid cloud destination for Windows and SQL workloads, instead of keeping them in an on-prem VMware setup.