The Essential Starters Guide for Microsoft Azure for IT Leaders

The essential guide to cloud adoption in Microsoft Azure for those new to public cloud and those with some Azure services already in place.

Cloud consumption is on the rise as enterprise organizations and small-and-medium businesses alike shift larger portions of their IT spend toward cloud infrastructure and services like Microsoft Azure.

However, Azure’s blend of services supports a wide range of cloud transformation use cases – from migrating or building applications in cloud infrastructure to sustaining business continuity. A successful cloud transformation in Azure requires a detailed multi-step plan supported by the right skills.

Our guide, “The Essential Starter’s Guide to Microsoft Azure for IT Leaders,” explores the right sequence of steps to achieve your intended outcomes in Azure, whether you’re new to the cloud or have some Azure services in place today. You’ll learn:

  • The advantages of starting your journey in Azure with a limited workload deployment
  • How to select applications and workloads for migration to maximize performance and impact
  • Best practices for modernizing your environment with a hybrid architecture supported by Azure
  • How DevOps and automation drive continuous improvement in the Azure environment