8 reasons your users are a bigger risk than hackers

When you imagine the causes of a security breach, what do you think of? A team of international hackers trying to ransom information? A malicious insider with a grudge to settle? Statistically, the most likely cause is much simpler, like one of your sales reps leaving his tablet behind on a plane. 54 percent of companies consider employee mistakes the biggest threat to their sensitive data, compared to external hackers (30 percent) and malicious insiders (21 percent).

For your employees to be productive wherever they work, they need reliable, swift access to key files and data. But with data stored in so many locations and end users accessing sensitive files on personal devices, the “surface area” for security risks is larger than ever. This demands a content collaboration solution that safeguards critical information while simplifying access for every employee.

Here are the eight reasons why poor user security is a threat and how to protect your content collaboration accordingly.